Mission Statement

We aim as a church:

  • To worship God.
  • To love and care for each other.
  • To share faith in Christ.
  • To make a difference to life in Sprowston, the wider world and the planet.


To worship God

  • We come to worship prepared and ready, and we spend time in silence before worship opening ourselves to God.
  • We are attentive to what we say and sing.
  • We listen to what is said as addressed personally to us.
  • We are aware and considerate of others in church whose needs are different from ours.

To love and care for each other

  • We are friendly and outgoing towards others in church: we find out each others names; we speak to those we do not yet know.
  • We show concern when people are absent from church: we contact or visit those we know; we tell the clergy.

To share faith in Christ

  • We are open about our Christian faith and membership of the church.
  • We invite friends, family and others we know to join us in worship and church activities.
  • We pray for specific people we know to come to faith.
  • We support outreach and evangelism from the church.

To make a difference to life in Sprowston the wider world and the planet

  • We play our part in community life.
  • We support church initiatives in the community.
  • We give to appeals for Christian mission beyond Sprowston.
  • We are a Fairtrade church.
  • We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling to lessen our impact on the Environment.