Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul – Lent Course

Covid 19 has turned the world upside down, both the external world and our relationship to it – as social creatures being socially distant is emotionally and spiritually stressful. Even for the most solitary amongst us, the changes in our inner world can be devastating, and there is a danger of either dwelling too much on our inner thoughts and feelings, or not acknowledging them at all; both can be damaging. 

Mind, Body, Spirit Soul is a Lent Course running over five weeks,  focusing on mental wellbeing, intended to be reflective, practical and creative; looking at the Bible, art, prayer, meditation, physical activity, and our own experiences.

We’ll be Live on Zoom at 7pm from Thursday 25th February, And, whether you decide to join the meetings or not, we’ll have resources for you to download.

Join us on Zoom: Meeting ID 750 607 3095  Password 1780 

You can also download resources for the first two sessions:

Download Mental health course – sessions 1 and 2

In a change to the published schedule, Session 2 will now cover “Physical well-being”, led by our Student Sports Minister. Dealing with Stigma will now be covered next week.

Download Physical well-being session