Faith, Belief & Prayer

Faith is a journey which takes us through both the high points and low points of life. We don’t have all the answers, and sometimes we live with doubts. But we believe that God is everywhere present, and wants to reach out to us. 

As Christians we believe that God is love, and those who live in love, live in God. This is revealed most perfectly in the life of Jesus Christ who embraced the world through his love; he died for a broken world; through him God suffered for us and suffers with us. We share in his new life; a life which endures and renews. 

We  are here to accompany you in your journey; please contact us, or just drop by to say hello. 

Prayer is at the centre of our lives. Prayer isn’t just about asking for stuff; through prayer we get to know God better and commit our hearts and lives to God; through prayer we can find strength in times of weakness, find forgiveness, and grow in love, both for God and for each other. Different people pray in different ways; some of us use words, others prefer to spend some time in quiet. Prayer is often about listening as well as speaking. 

You might want to begin by finding a comfortable place to sit and when you’re ready say a simple prayer such as this:

Dear Lord. Into your hands I place my worries, cares and troubles. Into your wisdom I place my path, direction and my goal. Into your love I place my life. Amen.

We pray everyday, for our world, for our country, for our community, for you. If you have a prayer request please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Welcome back! We’re now open for public worship
9.30am St. Cuthbert’s (with live online option)
10.30am St. Mary & St. Margaret’s
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Social distancing measures will be in place, and please note that our online services will continue.

Online Prayer candle here
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Many of our services include Holy Communion, but “what is “Holy Communion?” Find out Here

In addition to our regular Church services we also offer occasional Christian basics courses, Bible studies and special occasions for prayer. Please note that the following are not taking place during lockdown:

Garden Church Sprowston a network of house churches; an informal space with time to talk, contact:

Garden Gathering – a new informal gathering, each month at Whitehouse Farm School. More details Here

Spirit” in the Brickmakers pub a laid back space to talk about life, God, the universe, and anything really. More details Here

The Church of England website also has information on faith and prayer Here