Christenings & Thanksgivings

We are here for all the major events in life, and all of life is blessed by God. At a Christening we celebrate the birth of your child; knowing that they are special and loved by  God. During the service your child will be baptised; in other words they will have water sprinkled on them as a sign of new life, and will be blessed by name. 

Everyone who lives in Sprowston can be Christened, and have their children Christened  in either church.

Christenings can take place during a regular church service or they can be arranged for a separate time (usually 12.15pm on Sunday following the service at St Mary and St Margaret’s or 11.15am on Sunday following the service at St Cuthbert’s). Because our services are so popular we may ask you to share the occasion with one other family; it’s great to celebrate together!

In the service  you promise that you will do what you can to bring up your child as part of God’s family, and we promise that we will make her/him welcome as part of our church community. If you’d prefer a more general service of thanksgiving & Blessing for your child, please let us know. 

There is no charge; we ask you to give a donation to the church as you can afford, but ask you to think about £60.

 If you would like to arrange a baptism (christening) please call into the Wedding and Baptism surgery at St Cuthbert’s Church Centre on Tuesday evening between 6pm and 7pm, by appointment, or St Mary & St Margaret’s church vestry on Saturday morning between 9.30 and 10.30am, when you can just drop in!
If you would like any further information or have any questions please contact Revd Simon Stokes on 01603 426492 or contact the office for general queries.
The Church of England website has some useful information, prayers and resources here