A reflection for Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday may be strange and difficult for many of us this year. But, perhaps more than ever, we remember and give thanks for those who have loved and nurtured us. On this page there is a special audio visual reflection, and you can also read a talk written by Revd Philip here

Gracious God, you gather us together as a Mother Hen gathers her chicks,

Loving, mothering God, strong and tender, tried and true

We come to you today

 We come to you with our fears and concerns

We come to you with our hopes and all that we are thankful for

 In a moment of reflection we bring these to God

 Mothering Spirit,

nurturing one,

in arms of patience

you hold us close,

so that in faith we will root and grow


We bring to mind all Mothers today

Especially those who can’t see their children

And children who can’t see their Mothers


 We place before you all who suffer


 And may we in our own ways bring help and healing at this time

Knowing that we are all part of the same family in God

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

and the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,

be with us all, for ever more.  Amen